Matthew Brian Cohen

Matthew Brian Cohen is a writer, an improviser, an actor, and a person.

Matthew Brian Cohen headshot

He is proud to study, perform, and write at the UCB Theater, formerly NY and currently LA.

He has written for Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, McSweeny’s, College Humor, Honest Trailers, Epic How To, Trop Magazine, The Onion News Network, UCB’s Maude Night, and other things. He wrote and acted in a pick up artist parody Ethical Female Manipulation with Brian Glidewell that ran at UCB LA. He wrote and acted in romantic comedy play with Allie Kokesh called “Why We Broke Up”, that enjoyed a run at UCB NY. He also co-hosts the experimental variety show Cool Shit Weird Shit.

He has a podcast called Lifescrapers: Tall Stories Of American Lives that is on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, BreakThru Radio, and RSS feeds everywhere.

He is the co-editor and founder of Janice Magazine, a humor magazine.

He also wrote a novel called Danny Disaster, which you can get on your Kindle or your Nook. You can read his thoughts on the history of Staten Island hip hop in the college textbook, “Hip Hop In America”.

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